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Brad - Client (Personal Chef Restricted Diet) - August 2016

"Overall I thought it was really really good - I'm a big fan of your cooking and thought the price was very fair as well. I should also mention that there was nothing that made me sick or gave me reflux at all so you definitely did a great job on the restrictive diet!"

Alexandra - Client - November 2015

"The dates and nuts cake is the most delicious cake I have eaten in a long time. I was going to share 1/2 of it with friends (cause it's too big) but only gave away 1/4. Too good."

Naydú -  Client - October 2015

"My order arrived today. Delicious."

Milagros - Client- October 2015

"Just got my first order, cachitos de jamón and polvorosas. OMG. Everything was delicious."

Ronald Mc Donald House : Meals from the Heart - November 2014

"Thanks to everyone for taking the time yesterday to put some smiles on people's face and giving back to some deserving families. Special shoutout to Anabella our resident chef for putting this together"

Tracy  - Catering Client - May 2014

"Thank you for your amazing food. Everyone was wowed. Beth's New York Shower was amazing thanks to you!"